Estimated Pricing

Matrix Armory -10.jpg

96 tall 80 wide, 8 panel

Frame with standard clear maple panels

Fixtures for 16 long guns and 10 pistols, and stand offs for data plates.


48 TALL 93.5 WIDE, 9 PANEL

Frame with laminate panels

 Fixtures for 8 long guns and 4 pistols

The average cost of a Matrix Armory system is about $55 to $60 per square foot complete. This includes the frame, background and fixtures. Shipping is additional.

Included is extra fixtures and hooks, so you can add  or change your collection on the Matrix Armory wall. 

Full production of Matrix Armory is underway, please contact us for exact pricing and availability of the system that fits your collection.  Quantity discounts available for larger collection and museums. Consultation and installation upon request.